Jan 13

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Vaca Brava ~ Old San Juan

Family Style Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

Vaca Brava dishes

Vaca Brava’s legendary gargantuan portions are dwarfed only by the size of its’ desire to make the patrons truly happy.  Vaca Brava owns a genuine sense of old fashioned hospitality and, apparently, a genuine worry that you haven’t eaten in a week! 

Chuleta Can Can

The scale of the experience is apparent from the get go,  two stories high and with enough space for a small army, Vaca Brava is tailor made for large groups and parties.  Speaking of high, most of the dishes are “elevated”, meaning they are sticking straight into the air, magnifying the utter hugeness of the dishes.  The flavors match the grandness, the sauces are savory and the meats are seasoned with the theory that more is better.


This is the  restaurant with a legend  so deep, Man v.s. Food came  to challenge it. At  it’s roots, Vaca Brava is a Puerto Rican family experience.  They have a mechanical bull and a gift shop (spiffy hats we might add) and a kids menu.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t get rowdy…live music plays on weekends and a flavored mojito menu gets the party started.

Pablo Marmol (Barney Rubble) whole rib rack with french fries

El Toten de la Vaca (Totem of the Cow) chicken breast wrapped in skirt steak and bacon with tostones

La Vaca Ensalta skirt steak stuffed with chorizoniño

La Vaca Arropa meat paella Valenciana style

Kids Menu

Fried Mofongo Balls

Churrasco a la Parilla grilled skirt steak

El Chillo de La vaca whole fried red snapper

La Ubre de la Vaca smoked ham stuffed with rice and meats 

253 Recinto Sur, OLD SAN JUAN

Mon-Wed. 11am -10pm
Thurs-Sunday 11am-11pm

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