Jan 19

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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Puerto Rico 2013

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Mango’s Restaurant

There may never be another restaurant that captures the Island’s vibrancy, aestheticism and trendiness quite like Mango’s does.  Mango’s peppers the dining experience with a sense of community catering to  foodies, families and frolickers alike.




Eclipse Restaurant & Bar

With its rustic-chic décor and million dollar views, Eclipse, offers an unforgettable el fresco dining experience. Savor each delicious morsel of food perfectly prepared by one of Puerto Rico’s top chefs, Jeremie Cruz.




Chuleta Can CanVaca Brava

Vaca Brava’s legendary gargantuan portions are dwarfed only by the size of its’ desire to make the patrons truly happy.  Vaca Brava owns a genuine sense of old fashioned hospitality and, apparently, a genuine worry that you haven’t eaten in a week!



Chuleton 1Inarú

Inspired by Taino culture, Inarú is an ode to the spirit of Puerto Rican flavors where each artisanal dish is prepared with dedication and the end goal of invoking home cooking.





Casa Lola, Condado

Casa Lola is an old renovated house with high ceilings and views of the ocean on one end and Condado Bay on the other.Chef Treviño worships the art and he gets his hands on the best. Case in point, the Chuleton-ton (above) with it’s perfectly cut and fried rind on what is the best piece of pork we have ever tasted, anywhere, anytime.


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